Prequalify for Your Mortgage

Prequalification is your first step toward homeownership. All East Mortgage Advisors can help you get started on your path to homeownership with prequalification services. Fill out our secure online mortgage prequalification form. We’ll provide you with a prequalification letter indicating you are approved for a mortgage before shopping for a new home.

Some real estate agents may require you to get prequalified before showing you homes. Possessing a prequalification letter can help you choose homes within your budget to ensure you make a wise decision. Once you make an offer, applying for your mortgage will be more straightforward.

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Verify Your Credit

Lenders look at many factors to determine how likely you are to pay your mortgage every month, including income, current debts, and payment history. They assign a number value that indicates your reliability. This credit score is a significant factor in mortgage approvals.

Some websites allow you to check your credit score at no charge. We recommend and

If your credit score is below 640, we recommend evaluating your credit more closely to ensure accuracy. Staying current on your monthly payments and paying down debt can quickly improve your score.

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